About Us

Chery Automobile Co. Ltd was founded in 1997 in China with the vision of providing affordable yet robust and reliable passenger and commercial vehicles. Life is beautiful and worth enjoying and Chery enables you to do that.

Chery is manufactured in 13 plants around the world and our range of vehicles is distributed to over 84 countries. Launched in South Africa in 2008, Chery is backed by Imperial’s nationwide dealer network and service centres.

Chery has invested in two state-of-the art Manufacturing Plants, a Transmission Plant, an Automotive Engineering Research Institute, as well as an Automotive Planning and Design Institute. We also carry out extensive research and development, and have over 3600 authorised and over 2000 pending patents registered in our name. This all assists the business in manufacturing quality vehicles that meet global standards, as well as allowing us to meet global demands.

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